About Our Unique Mobile Medical Practice

Central Florida Wound and Skin Consultants was started in 1999 to fill a need for quality wound and skin care for those patient who were home-bound or of limited mobility. Our expert team of certified nurse practitioners with WOCN training and our medical doctor bring effective wound care with a personal and comforting touch. We follow the "Gold Standards" for treating wounds and ulcers set by the WOCN Association.

Our Professional Team Members

  • Debra Moulavi
         Ms. Moulavi is a board certified Nurse Practitioner and WOCN with over 31 years of nursing experience. Mrs. Moulavi is the founder of Central Florida Wound and Skin Consultants.

  • Dr. Rita Laracuente
        Dr. Laracuente is a general practitioner who has had surgical training. She is the collaborating physician for the practice and has over 20 years experience in the health care field.
  • Mary Fikert
         Ms. Fikert is the office administrator and billing manager with over 20 years experience in medical billing, office administration, Medicare/Medicaid, and supplemental insurance billing.

Healthcare Professionals

Central Florida Wound and Skin Consultants
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